Bylaws and Description of Officer Positions

Section 1. The officers of the student chapter of AIChE at the University of Alabama, henceforth called the student chapter, shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Publicity Chair.
 a) The President shall primarily be concerned with contacting companies and building relationships with recruiters and other company contacts. All officers will report directly to the President. To be elected to this position, a candidate must currently hold, or have previously held, an officer position in the student chapter. Furthermore, only students with rising Junior or Senior status are eligible for election.
 b) The Vice-President shall assist the President in communication with visiting companies, and in the other executive functions of the President. Intramural sports and ChemE car are additional responsibilities which may be delegated to other officers having a greater interest in either or both of those projects. This position is only available to rising Juniors and Seniors.
 c) The Secretary shall maintain a list of all members of the student chapter, along with all other relevant data such as class level, classes for which attendance credit must be noted, and whether the student has paid dues. Paid chapter members of any class standing are eligible to be elected.
 d) The Treasurer shall collect dues and monitor the financial assets of the student chapter. The Treasurer should be the primary signatory on these accounts, with the President and Vice-President also added. The list of paid members is to be coordinated with the Secretary. In the event that a budget needs to be submitted to the SGA, department head, etc., the Treasurer is to write the budget following discussion with and approval from the President and Vice-President. Paid chapter members of any class standing are eligible to be elected.
  e) The Publicity Chair shall direct the Newsletter Committee, Outreach Coordinator, and Webmaster, as well as other students involved in publicity-related committees. Paid chapter members of any class standing are eligible to be elected.

Section 2. The non-officer positions of the student chapter shall be the ChemE-car Head, the Newsletter Committee Head, the Webmaster, the Outreach Coordinator, and the Intramural Head.
 a) The ChemE-car Head shall be responsible for recruiting students to participate in the project, organize meetings, and prepare funding and equipment requests for the Vice-President. Only students with previous experience in the ChemE-car project are eligible.
 b) The Newsletter Committee Head shall be responsible for creating, editing, and publishing the newsletter each month to students, sponsors, and faculty members. Further, they shall select interested students to assist with the aforementioned duties, and direct them therewith.
 c) The Webmaster shall code for and edit the student chapter website, and update the digital records maintained by the SOURCE as need arises. Graphics and information to be disseminated will be assigned by the Publicity Chair, to whom the Webmaster is answerable. Due to the technical expertise required, the Webmaster is to be selected by a majority vote of the incumbent officers before the main election in the spring semester. An application for this position is to be made available to any interested applicant for a period not less than two weeks prior to the selection, after which the position will be filled at the next officer meeting.
 d) The Outreach Coordinator shall send out emails to chapter members, create Facebook events, post on Twitter, and prepare flyers. Work will be synergic with the Publicity Chair, from whom tasks are to be delegated. Paid chapter members of any class standing are eligible to be elected.
 e) The Intramural Head shall organize intramural sports teams, collect money to pay fees, and publicize events in concert with the Outreach Coordinator. Paid chapter members of any class standing are eligible to be elected.

Section 3. The term for each office is to start immediately following their election in the spring semester. Newly elected officers are to work alongside the incumbent until the end of the spring semester, and assume full duties in the fall semester. Officers shall report to and work with the President, while non-officers shall be responsible to their respective officer, as listed above.

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